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FIT Food Junkies

Fitness is my zen. It is my stress-free outlet. I get in my zone and maximize my workout. I give it my all. I find my source of a breakthrough moment and consistently create new goals, enhancing my life through exercise and my career. 


Fit FOOD Junkies

I'm addicted to health. I love clean eating, but definitely live my life through moderation. Yes, I mostly always eat healthy, but if I really want something, I'm not going to deprive myself! Deprivation=binge eating=eating more or feeling depressed, which is not healthy for you both mentally and physically. I have a balanced set of mind and live life thinking nutritiously and mindfully, all while making choices through moderation!!



I’ve realized the power in the mind and overall mindset. The idea of mind over matter is seriously so impactful to my life. You can literally train your mind to overcome any obstacle, achieve anything, or even manipulate it to love something you might not want to face. My mind is my center for motivation. I train my mind to use exercise as my outlet and make myself love what I do because it soon becomes second nature. I used to hate cycling, and I trained my mind to absolutely love it. The mind is small yet so powerful. What you can do with it is limitless both in and outside of the gym. What defines your mindset for life?